A Digital Capabilities Profile was developed by Mark L. Abrams and is deemed as “The Place to be Discovered.”  If you are looking to send a personalized or professional message, this technology is for you.   The profile is comprise of 3 components;

  • A Green Screen produced video
  • A 3 Dimensional Virtual Set
  • A custom designed Micro-Website (optional)

We combine three aforementioned modalities to create a state-of-the-art experience for the end-user.  The final product is viewable on all mediums and it is a Social Media Miracle…..

Digital Capability Profiles

The Client; Jamahal C. Boyd Sr. doing a series of short videos for Boys Brand Apparel. The videos below were Directed/Producer by Mark L. Abrams, MCW – Videographer/Senior Master Editor, Walter R Wimberly.